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Ceramic Centre

Höhr-Grenzhausen, situated in the attractive Westerwald region near Koblenz, is one of the most important sites for ceramic education in Europe. The Technical College, The University of Applied Sciences and the Vocational College offer the whole range of ceramic education opportunities, starting from the basic vocational training up to tertiary university education. Beside the technical orientation of the engineering education, the artistically and design-oriented discipline is also represented with ceramic design and free art. The pupils and students of the individual institutions are integral to the character of public life in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

Being only at a 15-minute distance from Koblenz, there is a wide variety of leisure and cultural activities available. The large housing supply comes at affordable prices.

The Colleges of Ceramic Design and Ceramic Engineering have an international reputation. The design department with its numerous graduates and their exhibitions and award-winning participations in competitions has helped Höhr-Grenzhausen to become a household-name at home and abroad. The highly qualified education of ceramic engineers and the seminars for the industry, that have been held both domestically and abroad, have boosted the prestige of this educational institution.

The close contact to the industry facilitates a contemporary and practical education as a ceramic engineer.

The generously proportioned college building, which was erected in 1983, offers the students sufficient state-of-the-art lab stations.

Beside the everyday college life, company visits and excursion of several days are part of our programme as well as parties, which are celebrated inside and outside in a splendid atmosphere.

Höhr-Grenzhausen offers intensive and highly qualified education, which goes along with a personal and friendly atmosphere.