Seminars for the Industry

Seminars for the Industry at the State Technical College of Ceramics

What does the Technical College offer the industry and the craft trade?

The State Technical College of Ceramics is an educational institution with a long-standing tradition. Since 1897, it has ensured a sound and renowned education for ceramic engineers and thereby met the international demand for skilled labour. For more than 25 years, the State Technical College has also been the place of continuing professional training for the industry and craft-trade. Our basic and advanced seminars offer the opportunity to continue your professional training in ceramic key areas and to enhance your knowledge, no matter whether you are a qualified worker, master, technician, engineer, businessperson or a skilled employee with a different professional background.

What do the continuing professional training seminars offer?

The focus is on your professional future. Therefore, we offer contemporary in-service training in the area of ceramic materials engineering for industry and craft-trade. Within this scope of professional in-service training we offer seminars in the following fields:

Basic Knowledge
Materials Engineering
Process Engineering
Testing Technology
Quality Management

You can find scheduled seminars for 2016 at the back of our brochure. These seminars take place at the State Technical College of Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen. The maximum number of participants is limited to 15, so that there will be enough space for professional exchange. Beside these seminars, we also offer in-house training at the company’s premises. The focuses of these staff training courses can be individually adapted to your company’s needs. Feel free to contact us!

What do the lecturers offer?

The seminars for the industry are carried out by lecturers of the college. They are certified engineers in the area of materials engineering glass and ceramics. All our instructors have several years of work experience in the ceramic industry. Depending on the seminar topic, we can also use the services of external lecturers from the industry, in addition to our college staff. Our extensively equipped workshops and lab stations additionally facilitate practical professional in-service training in all ceramic processes.