Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

You can apply, if you have completed a vocational training as a ceramicist or potter or have been trained in a comparable craft or design profession, e.g. stone mason or media designer. If you have attained prior knowledge in the field of ceramics and pottery without having completed a vocational training course, you can also apply at the State Technical College of Ceramics. Additionally, there is the possibility to attend two modules as further vocational training.

Contact us to clarify any uncertainties in a personal conversation. You can apply all year round; an entrance examination is not necessary. Admittance is once a year, at the start of the new academic year.

What does your place of education look like?

The State Technical College of Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen is an educational institution with a long-standing tradition. Founded in 1897, it has produced many outstanding ceramic designers who have made their marks internationally. The teachers and instructors at the college are also excellent ceramic professionals, some of them with their own studios and various international exhibitions as well as awards in competitions.
We offer you well equipped workshops and lab stations, which give you the possibility of manifold experiments and of working on projects regarding current topics extensively, using all kinds of ceramic materials and techniques.
Höhr-Grenzhausen in the Westerwald is the most comprehensive and most renowned centre of ceramic education and research  in Germany. There are numerous studios of internationally operating ceramic artists, the Ceramics Museum Westerwald and special training centres with which we co-operate.


Do I fulfil the entry requirements for a training course in ceramic design?

With the downloadable pdf file you can find out interactively whether you fulfil the entry requirements.