Job Profile

The education as a Ceramic Designer

Job Profile

The State Technical College of Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen offers the ceramic design training courses for both full-time and part-time students.

It is our objective to enhance your individual design ideas beyond the mere craft and to qualify you as a professional ceramic designer. The profession of a ceramic designer is characterised by a comprehensive practical knowledge, which makes both self-employed work and occupation in the ceramic industry possible. Your training at the State Technical College of Ceramics focuses on your professional future and is therefore very practical: we consider the individual support provided by our qualified teaching staff as our essential task.

Training Contents

The diversified further education programme impacts professional design methods, besides the fundamentals of aesthetical perception. Art history, design theory and drawing complement the topic-related practical modules in the areas of vessel design, sculpture and relief, surface and general design.
Craft techniques, such as throwing on the potter’s wheel, the realisation of decors as well as model and mould design and construction together with architectural design offer you the foundations for the realisation of your design drafts.

Subject-related theoretical modules regarding materials and processes in ceramic manufacture will provide you with the necessary knowledge ranging from realisation to fault avoidance. We put emphasis on combining theory and practice.

Additionally, you will acquire knowledge in graphical computer design and the presentation of your ceramic products, and you will learn how to manage your own company, for those aiming for a practice-oriented realisation of their creative and innovative ideas will have to command business and organisational skills as well as the fundamentals of project management.
Professional English as a prerequisite for Europe-wide and international business relations complement the contemporary curriculum.

You will complete your training course by independently designing and developing your individual final work, the topic of which you will define by yourself and which will be stylishly presented in an exhibition at the Ceramic Museum Westerwald including a catalogue.

Our training contents aim at supporting your individual design approach, its development and realisation.

Modular Training

Full time and part time

Your training at the State Technical College of Ceramics is divided into a multitude of modules.
You, as a working interested applicant, will thus have the opportunity for a higher qualification. Your further education as a Ceramic Designer can therefore be accomplished either full time within three years or on-the-job within five years.

The modular system allows for your individually designed advanced training plan, in which you can determine your own focuses in accordance with your creative interests.

Qualification / Career Opportunities

With your graduation as a State Certified Ceramic Designer, we equally prepare you to run your own studio or to take on design tasks in the ceramic industry or trade. Additionally, you can reach for further areas of activity, such as the possibility to take on management tasks in an educational or social institution.

In addition, we offer training modules which will prepare you for your examination for the master craftsman's certificate (part 2, 3 and 4), no fees attached. Part 2 is already included in the training course. Your graduation from the State Technical College of Ceramics will enable you to study at related universities in Rhineland Palatinate. There are many other universities in other federal countries where, on application, you can pursue a subject-related course in ceramic design or artistic ceramics.
Some of our graduates have successfully completed a master course abroad, since the graduation from the State Technical College of Ceramics is on par with a bachelor degree and is acknowledged by some universities after portfolio acceptance. We will be happy to advise you.


The State Technical College of Ceramics is a state institution for vocational further education.
Therefore, students might be eligible for state support (BAfÖG) if they meet the requirements.

Another support option is the Meister-BAfÖG (state-funded financial assistance for master craftsmen trainees) for those students who have completed a recognized initial training or have attained comparable training qualification. The further education at the State Technical College of Ceramics is free of charge.