FAQ - Frequent asked questions

Short and prompt answers on often asked questions concerning the studies at the Technical College of Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

How can I prove my practical experience?

Proof of practical experience can be given either by providing a relevant job reference or a business registration in this area. The eligibility of other proof has to be clarified in a personal conversation.

What financing options are there?

Since the Technical College is a state institution for professional further education, there is the possibility to obtain funding under the BAFöG programme, if the conditions are met. You might also be eligible for “Meister-BAFögG” (financial assistance for master-craftsmen trainees) under the Funding Programmes for Vocational Training and the Promotion of Career Advancement.
There are no tuition fees at the Technical College.

What are my holiday times?

Like all other state schools, the holidays are subject to the regulations of the relevant federal land, which is Rhineland Palatinate for us.

What additional costs incur for the education?

Apart from your personal costs of living (accommodation, food etc.) and the costs for school supplies, there are no additional school fees.  The major part of your school supplies will be the cost for stationary, copies and proportionate firing costs. These may vary significantly, but on average, they will not exceed € 50.- per month, according to our experience.

Are there any additional qualifications options?

Each module is certified and is therefore proof of further education. In addition to the possibility of acquiring your AdA-certificate (instructor’s qualification), which is integrated in our modular tuition, there is the option of taking the master-of-the-ceramic-trade exam for those students who have an apprenticeship diploma or journeyman’s certificate. In this case the three-year college education counts as journeyman or assistance years. Parts II (subject-specific theoretical knowledge), III (business admin, commercial and legal knowledge) and part IV (knowledge in vocational and labour pedagogy) can be obtained and proven by attending the relevant modules.

Furthermore, after successfully completing your studies at the technical college, you can take on specialised studies at a university in Rhineland Palatinate.

Some of our graduates in the field of ceramic design also successfully completed master classes at universities abroad, for the graduation from our college is recognised as an equivalent to a bachelor’s degree there. We are happy to consult you on these matters and can provide a list of relevant universities.

Are there any admittance interviews, if so – when?

At the beginning of each new application period (March / April), we invite our applicants to an information event.

In the course of this event, we will also have personal application interviews.

As an applicant for our design class, you should provide some smaller ceramics and sketches, and / or photos of larger works, so that we can advise you personally.

What do I have to consider if I am an applicant from abroad?

If you are an EU citizen, you can apply to the Technical College of Ceramics without any problems. If you live in a non-EU country with visa obligations, you will have to provide valid visa for the Federal Republic of Germany. An admittance to our college is always conditional to the presentation of valid visa for the entire course of studies.

Please note that you should have sufficient knowledge of German – our tuition language is German.

When can I apply?

The closing date for applications is on March 1 for the following academic year, which starts in the summer of the same year. Feel free to apply any time earlier than that. Should there be sufficient places available, we might consider later applications as an exception.
Please contact our secretary.

Why should I decide in favour of a further education at the Technical College of Ceramics?

The Technical College of Ceramics offers you the opportunity to find your way into ceramics with the support of qualified teachers in well-equipped workshops and laboratories. The members of our staff have many years of practical experience. Before they became qualified teachers, they worked in various companies, workshops and studios. Some of them, with their works, still make a mark in the ceramic world.

Any questions?

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